Hair Regrowth Clinic

Over the last three years, we have been helping many adult male and female patients to improve their image and self-confidence by restoring their hair. Our simple and effective methods cater to the busy working executives who wants to look good and feel confident. Our medical hair clinic offers a variety of methods for hair regrowth

a. Gentle Mesotherapy

This is our signature hair regrowth program where patients are assured of healthy hair in under five weeks. The whole program takes exactly five weeks. Each week, our Doctor administers a set of serums and delivers them to affected scalp area by use of a motorized micro-needles. Our hair regrowth serums are medical grade and exclusively imported from Europe. We peruse only medical grade items because we firmly believe in the thousands of clinical trials the product has been vigorously tested on. As such, our patients are assured of the best result in the shortest of time and finances savings. Lengthy sales talks by salesgirls? No way, that’s not how we operate.

b. Hormone Therapy

Our hormone therapy is another popular choice among our hair patients, both male and female. Through a very state-of-the-art diagnostic tool, we are able to determine the exact hormone deficient that causes hair loss, and quickly work to replenish hormone in those area. Because each prescription is extremely personal and tailored, results are often assured in a very short period time. All our hormone products are made of bio-active plant extracts and functions exactly alike our natural hormone. All goodness of the flora and fauna and nothing fake nor synthetic. We are able to prescribe

  1. Biotin + Zinc supplement (to be consumed)
  2. Minoxidilhair pump (to be applied and massaged on scalp)

c. Medical-Grade Home Care Shampoo & Serum

We offer a wide variety of protocol for our hair patients depending on their time and finances affordability. Our home care set is popular for patients who prefer the convenience of their own home or has limited time due to a busy schedule. We carry the following brands

  • CRP Hair Revive Shampoo + Scalp Activating Spray
  • Dermedic Shampoo + Serum Treatment
  • Any other hormones as needed

d. Grow Hair Growth System

iGrow is the world’s most innovative, convenient and effective hands-free, in-home hair growth system. The iGrow employs the use of laser energy in treating hair loss. It is a medical device approved by the FDA in the United State. Patients use the iGrow for alternate days only, for twenty minutes each time. Regular use strengthens hair follicles and generates new hair growth.